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Charlie Wu welcomes you

You can support the making of the film The New True Charlie Wu, a musical about following one's bliss, by making a donation through PayPal. Donations are now closed - the site is here for reference purposes only. Then, introduce your friends to The New True Charlie Wu as well with your very own referral URL. Gain points with every dollar you or your referrals donate. The more points you amass, the bigger credit you get in the film - even above the title, in every showing at every theater and on every DVD of the film. Become a fan now!

What's the film about? Charlie's an accountant, who dreams of becoming something more, something he loves. For anyone who's struggled with "Do I do what I love, or do I do what makes me money, even if I hate it?" Charlie Wu will inspire you to follow your dreams.

Why should you help? Lots of filmmakers make films on little or no budget, and some would love a modest amount of money to make their films even better. Student filmmakers are especially pinched for budgets, and often go to friends, family and fans for financial support, usually in the form of a donation for their production costs.

(It all seems worthwhile the day that film screens, and there's you, being thanked in the credits by name, right up there on the screen.)

That's where comes in. We make it easy for you to donate as little as $10, refer others to do the same, and we make sure you get credit in the film based on what you and your friends contribute.

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